Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Monday and the first day of Spring

Started the day well with my weekly weigh in and have lost 3kg :) so diet is working and will reward myself as promised with a Pandora bead. I'm thinking this one:

Seashell charm

Another bead at 95kg - so 3 more to lose.

It was a busy day at work, lots of paperwork the usual emails, phone calls and faxes to deal with. Then I got to play with a Primary class as they quizzed me about Space and Gravity.

Had a brief nap before picking up Angus and getting into the usual evening routine. Angus chose to watch a David Attenborough episode of "Life in Cold Blood", lots of pretty froggies. I finished off my Winter Neighborhood RR piece for posting tomorrow while watching it with him. Here it is:

My WNRR ready to start it's world travels :)

After Angus went to bed I did an hour or so on my TW Guardian. Monday being the TW Stitch along day. Here he is at 48 hours:

TW Guardian at 48 hours September 1st 2008

Only 2 more hours to go on the border then back to stitching the main picture. I've decided every 10 hours to work on the border for 10 hours. The border is actually quite easy to stitch I think.

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