Saturday, September 6, 2008

Danger broken glass!

Angus accidently knocked my very large shell vase off the kitchen bench this morning. It made a huge crash and big mess. He was very upset for most of the day despite me assuring him that accidents happen. Luckily I have a spare vase and after a bit of glueing of the shell balls I'll be able to put it all right.

The scene of the mess. I had glass splattered across four rooms and it took nearly an hour to ensure it was all gone. Luckily no tiles were cracked either.

Broken shell vase
more broken shell vase

This afternoon I did a few more hours of stitching and my TW Guardian is at 60 hours

TW Guardian at 60hrs September 7th 2008


Kathy A. said...

Hi Sophia. I just found your blog.Welcome to blogland. Wow, your stitching is amazing. I so admire anyone who can tackle a TW and you seem to love them. We are also both big fans of Anne McCaffrey. I have all her books and one written by her son. I am looking forward to receiving your RR and getting started.
I am adding you to my google reader and will stay in touch.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooooh your Guardian looks awesome! Its a challenging piece but so worth it in the end!