Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finished Fergus's Stocking

I've finished my 10th Shepherd's Bush Stocking. This one is for Fergus my 3 week old nephew born August 8th. It would have been done last week however I ran out of one thread :( It's now off to Sydney for finishing.

33 Stocking for Fergus FitzSimons finished August 30th 2008

I've also uploaded the progress on my TW Guardian - here he is at 44 hours on the 8th of August.

TW Guardian at 44 hours August 8th 2008

And finally here is my TW Regal Peacocks finished on August 17th.

32 TW Regal Peacocks finished August 17th 2008

So with Fergus's Stocking I've now completed 33 of 50 in my Stash reduction challenge.

Why did I avoid it for so long?

I've been updating my blog all day. Listing all my things in one place is such a convenience.

Which got me to wondering why I didn't do this earlier?

I also did 2 hours of weeding, in preparation for putting the house on the market next month. Still more weeding and lawn regeneration required. Also planted the spring veggies but have no idea if I'll get to eat them.

Found two baby water dragons in the veggie patch.

Watched "The Goonies" earlier and now "Muriel's Wedding" as I start stitching for the day.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm finally blogging

Well after many years of watching and reading blogs I've finally succumbed.

This is just one of the technologies I'll be learning this week. My other goals are to learn to use a digital video recorder, then how to edit video and audio segments and finally how to embed video segments in powerpoint.

Last week I learnt how to record and download digital voice recordings and how to save you-tube and other flash videos.

Stitching wise:

I'm about to finish my 3 week old nephew Fergus's Christmas Stocking and I have to grid fabric ready for a Winter Neighborhood Round Robin.