Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finished Fergus's Stocking

I've finished my 10th Shepherd's Bush Stocking. This one is for Fergus my 3 week old nephew born August 8th. It would have been done last week however I ran out of one thread :( It's now off to Sydney for finishing.

33 Stocking for Fergus FitzSimons finished August 30th 2008

I've also uploaded the progress on my TW Guardian - here he is at 44 hours on the 8th of August.

TW Guardian at 44 hours August 8th 2008

And finally here is my TW Regal Peacocks finished on August 17th.

32 TW Regal Peacocks finished August 17th 2008

So with Fergus's Stocking I've now completed 33 of 50 in my Stash reduction challenge.

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