Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some Round Robin Progress

I've been flat out at work so very little stitching has been done lately. I've mostly been working on Round Robins if I've had time.

My TWBBRR at the start

My Band Sampler Round Robin which is on the way to the USA now.

Allie's fairies ready to leave - October 2008

Allie's Fairys as they left me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stitching Update

I've been busy finishing off Round Robin pieces so they could be mailed.

The Winter Neighborhood one went on Monday. It is Tami's and it's winging its way to Arizona

Tami's RR ready to leave Australia

I've been working on my piece about to start a Band Sampler RR. I'm doing a Teresa Wentzler Band Sampler. No photo yet but hopefully I'll finish it tonight.

I also collected my nephews' stockings whilst in Sydney. They are ready to go to their respective new owners.

27 Thomas's Stocking Completed

33 Fergus's Stocking Completed

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frightfully Busy

I can't believe a month just flew by. I've been so busy I only just realised.

Things I've been busy doing:
  • 1 week of preparation for a 1 day workshop for 160 teachers
  • Cleaning up loose ends after the teacher workshop
  • Editing powerpoints and audio files to make vodcasts of the workshop for those unable to attend and reminders for those who did attend
  • 2 weeks of Spring Holiday in Sydney with Family
  • Visiting and getting to know 3 new babies in my family / friend network
  • 1 day workshop with 40 teachers
  • Wading through emails, mail, voicemails that piled up while I was doing the above things
I think that's it. I know I didn't do much stitching during this time but I've learnt a heap of new technologies such as audio editing, Powerpoint Producer, mpeg to avi conversion which will make these jobs faster in the future. So back to getting more stitching time :)