Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frightfully Busy

I can't believe a month just flew by. I've been so busy I only just realised.

Things I've been busy doing:
  • 1 week of preparation for a 1 day workshop for 160 teachers
  • Cleaning up loose ends after the teacher workshop
  • Editing powerpoints and audio files to make vodcasts of the workshop for those unable to attend and reminders for those who did attend
  • 2 weeks of Spring Holiday in Sydney with Family
  • Visiting and getting to know 3 new babies in my family / friend network
  • 1 day workshop with 40 teachers
  • Wading through emails, mail, voicemails that piled up while I was doing the above things
I think that's it. I know I didn't do much stitching during this time but I've learnt a heap of new technologies such as audio editing, Powerpoint Producer, mpeg to avi conversion which will make these jobs faster in the future. So back to getting more stitching time :)

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